Before We go further with our Short Quiz which helps our Experts Design Best Meal Plan Just for You according to your needs. We want you to know that you have made a Perfect Choice. Want to Know Why? Here We go:

Benefits of keto diet:

  • Successful & Rapid weight loss through fat Burning
  • Visible Delay In Aging Signs
  • Beneficial for Blood Pressure Regulation
  • Helps in sleep pattern correction
  • Positive Results shown in Stress management
  • Positive Results shown in Stress management

Keto diet for women & how it works?

More Than 70% of Women who are connected to Glamour by profession do Keto to achieve their weight loss goals and maintain it. Keto meal plan is based on the 70:20:10 ratio that means you will have 70% of fat, 20% of protein and 10% of carbs in a day by following this meal. This plan is developed to enhance the weight loss and you will be able to reach your weight loss goal even quicker.When you start this keto diet, within a few days, your body would start using fat instead of carbs for energy, which in turn effectively aides in weight loss. This diet will help you shift into ketosis very quickly without facing any difficulties. Once your body gets into ketosis, you start feeling more energetic, lighter with better mind clarity. You will also observe that you have an improved immunity system and body metabolism.

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