Why use MCT Oil?

The reason why MCT oil is recommended for weight loss is because of its capacity to
increase the production of ketone bodies in the liver. So what is MCT oil?

There are three saturated fats that make up the Medium Chain Triglyceride oil, which is held together by a structure made up of glycerol. Triglycerides get into your system when you eat fatty foods, and also help in the transportation of fat though the bloodstream to all parts of the body.

MCTs are different from the other triacyclglycerols due to their 6–12 carbon chain length. It is found in abundance in coconut oil and palm kernel oil, although they are also found in butter, cheese, yogurt and whole milk. When you have a diet rich in calories, or starch, the liver produces excessive triglyceride which gets stored as stubborn fats in the body. So, when you start the keto diet, these are the first to get burnt under absence of glycogen in the body. MCT also helps you improve your memory, and workout performance.

Why not LCT oil?
Long-chain triglycerides are known as LCT, and contain more than 12 carbon atoms, as
compared to the 6–12 carbon atoms in MCT. Coconut or palm kernel oil have plenty of
MCT oil, while soybean, corn, and sunflower seeds are sources of LCT oil. The latter is however, not
recommended often because it needs bile juice for digestion, and has to be first processed in the gut. On the other hand, MCT can be easily absorbed by the circulatory system.

And why not simply use coconut oil?
About 54% of MCTs come from coconut oil. Contrary to palm kernel oil, coconut oil is
actually regarded as a high-quality source of medium-chain triglycerides. It is also a really good ingredient to use if you want to stay healthy, in general. But if you want to make
the optimum use of your keto diet, MCT is the best option.

What’s different about MCT powder?

Both MCT oil and powder are great dietary supplements for keto meals and beverages.
However, they differ from one another in regards to their practicality and adverse impacts . MCT
powder, for instance, is portable without worrying about spillage, and the body absorbs it much more quickly than MCT oil.

How to Use?
You can take the MCT oil daily with your meals. Try to read the suggested dosage listed on the package if you want to use MCT supplements as a part of your keto diet. Also keep in mind that consuming too much MCT oil could spike your calorie intake, which often leads to weight gain. You can also take other fat-rich food sources like beef, fish, and nuts into account when determining your MCT dosage.

Avoid taking it in excessive amounts because then you will end up with a bunch of
digestive issues like bloating, nausea and diarrhea. First-time MCT oil users especially
should take it in small amounts (maybe a teaspoon first) and then gradually increase
their dosage (a tablespoon).

MCT oil has a variety of advantages so if you give it a shot, you could be looing at
better blood sugar regulations, gastrointestinal health, weight loss, mental well-being,
and immunity. Use MCT oil as it is, or mix MCT powder into your drink. You can also
use it in your recipes, whatever suits your preference.

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