Battle of the Best … Diets of course!

Since most people get 50% of their calories from carbs, your carb consumption has to be slowly lowered once you start whichever diet you feel comfortable with. When you start keto, your body stops relying on sugar. Instead, it chooses to burn fats for energy and all that previous sugar dependency goes away. This way, you have successfully created within yourself, a disciplined vessel that has very low chances of many sugar-based diseases that are trending now globally.

Keto versus Atkins:

Now let’s talk about the two diets in question. True, Keto and Atkins are very similar low-carb diets, but keto stands out among them all to the point that when you open any food delivery app, and type “keto foods”, a whole bunch of options show up!

Both of these are low-carb diets; some do keto, some choose Atkins and the debate is never-ending. Keto and Atkins require you to cut down on your carbohydrate intake and moderate your proteins: so, both work mostly in the same way. However, they also differ greatly in the core way they work.

However, there is a simple difference.

Atkins works via phases; precisely four phases that moderate your daily carb intake slowly and transition your body weight accordingly. It lets you increase your carbohydrate consumption as you slowly shed more weight, and conditions your body metabolism to always stabilize during those phases.

But Keto is not just a diet; it is a lifestyle!

The goal of keto is to make your body switch from burning sugar for energy to burning fats. It takes a week or two for the body to enter ketosis, but once it does, your water weight is the first to go. And after that, you really have to put in the dedication and restraint from carbs and gorge down keto-approved foods. Lo and behold, you will have started to progress towards your target weight with far more restraint than you ever imagined.

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