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We all know the story, you make a commitment to stick to a daily, elliptical exercise and track every last calorie. However, before you know it, you’re enjoying mojitos during, happy hour and devouring cupcakes at work, thinking, “Oops, diet over.”

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Bent Over Twists

Bent Over Twists

  • 1. Stand Erect and spread your feet apart, just about your shoulder width.
  • 2. Raise your arms to the side and Bend Down.
  • 3. Touch your right feet with your left hand.
  • 4. Stand straight again and repeat.

“I’ve been following my diet regime for three weeks now. And I can already feel changes to my body. I think I may have learnt to combat my love-hate relationship with food.”

Linda JonesPhotographer

“I remember not having the urge to even get out of bed. I’m eating fewer processed foods these days and I’m feeling more energized. I’m also losing weight, which is an added bonus!”

Lisa MooreMarketer

“I tried so many empty diets, and nothing worked.. until now, and I am truly shocked

how I genuinely feel more confident these days.”

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